1962      Pharmacy as a Career

1963       Pharmacist Serves the Nation

1964       Pharmacist Guards Nation’s Health

1965       Pharmacist Guards Nation’s Health in war and peace

1966       Pharmacist Yesterday, today and tomorrow

1967       Good Pharmacist for Better Medication

1968       Horizon in Pharmacy

1969       Your Pharmacist and family planning

1970       Pharmacist as Health Educator

1971       Pharmacist the Maker and Messenger of medicine

1972       Depend on your Pharmacist

1973       Pharmacist of Community Health

1974       Pharmacist for Better Medication

1975       Pharmacist for Service of Humanity

1976       The Pharmacist is your Friend in Need

1977       Pharmacist for Welfare of the Masses

1978       Pharmacist – a Link between Doctor and Patient

1979       Pharmacist for child care

1980       Treat Medicines with Respect

1981       Pharmacist for the services of the Disabled

1982       Better Health through Drug Productivity

1983       Pharmacist and your Medicine

1984       Drug Awareness through your pharmacist

1985       Pharmacist vital role in community Health

1986       Profession of pharmacy for a better tomorrow

1987       Pharmacist Against Drug Abuse

1988       Quality Medicines through Profession of Pharmacy

1989       Fifty Golden Years of Pharmaceuticals Care

1990       Pharmacist as Health Educator

1991       Regulatory Measures key to Health Care

1992       Pharmacist Design and quality for Globalisation

1993       Pharmacist Research for Better medicine

1994       Better Quality of Life through pharmacist

1995       Role of Pharmacist in Health Care

1996       Pharmacist in Tune with Times

1997       Community Pharmacy in New Age

1998       Better health through proper storage of drugs

1999       Ask your Pharmacist for the right advice

2000       Pharmacist shouldering the responsibility in fighting AIDS

2001       Pharmacist in health care: Counseling for woman’s Welfare

2002       Improving access to Medicines through Pharmacist

2003       Know your Pharmacist

2004       Know your pharmacist

2006       Selfmedication: How safe? Ask your Medicines

2008       Ask your pharmacist: For safe use of prescription medicines

2009       Make Pharmacy your Career

2010       Safety first with Medicines- Ask your Pharmacist

2011       Pharmacist a health care professional

2012       Pharmacist in Public Health

2013       Pharmacist: A Health Care Professional

2014       Pharmacist’s role in combating antimicrobial resistance

2015       Responsible Use of Antibiotics Saves Lives

2016       Pharmacists For a health India:  role in Prevention and Management of Diabeties

2017       know about your Medicines: Ask your Pharmacists