Drug Information Center (DIC) of IPA started functioning with the release of its 1st Publication of Drug Information Bulletin (DIB) on 15th April 2007. Every week the center has successfully published this biweekly e-bulletin jointly with RAD without any interruption till the end of 8th year. Thereafter it is published bi-weekly without any interruption till date.

Our DIC and DIB have earned much reputation throughout the country and it has spread its wings to reach several other countries like- USA, UK Switzerland,  Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand etc. Every day we are receiving the request to send this bulletin to some more people including Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Reporters, general people etc.

Several medical colleges and Pharmacy colleges are forwarding this amongst their faculty members and students. Some of them are taking print out of this and archiving in their library to make it available for their readers.

It is also being archived in the IPA Head Quarter website www.ipacentre.org, you can read this bulletin from this website under heading publication.

Drug Information Bulletin

Drug Information Centre (DIC)

Indian Pharmaceutical Association

Bengal Branch

Tele fax: 033 24612776, E-mail: ipabengal.dic@gmail.com

Web Site: http://www.ipabengal.org

Contact: 09830136291


Regulatory Affairs Division (RAD), IPA

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