The Indian Pharmaceutical Association, Bengal Branch gives annually gold medal on the occasion of the celebration of National Pharmacy Week during the 3rd week of November of each year to perpetuate the memory of great national figure Acharya P.C.Ray, the pioneer designer of Pharmaceutical Industry in our country since 1962.

IPA, Bengal Branch Council select the awardee amongst the Pharmaceutical Scientists, Teachers, Pharma Regulators, Hospital Pharmacists, Community Pharmacist, Administrators, etc. for outstanding contribution in their respective field and for overall development of the profession of pharmacy.

Any member of IPA can recommend name of the person with their detailed Bio-data & Two Page summary of the Bio data for 2018 award, which may be sent by 15th October 201 to:


The Hony. Secretary,

Indian Pharmaceutical Association, Bengal Branch,

22 B Panchanontola Road,

Kolkata – 700029



Recommendation should include the following points-

  1. Date of Birth.
  2. Qualification.
  3. Experiences in the selected field.
  4. Achievements in advancement of sciences/Administration/relevant field.
    1. Whether member of IPA? If yes, how many years?
    2. Whether member of allied pharmaceutical profession other than IPA? If yes, how many years?
  6. Services rendered (in years) on the executive Council of IPA Centre or any of its Branches in the capacity as:
    1. President/Vice President / Hony. Secretary/Treasurer/Editor of Official Publication of IPA.
    2. Executive Council Member.
  7. Recognition/Award received from other professional organizations including industry/trade associations.
  8. Award/Recognition/Honour received from international/national Govt. authorities or prestigious institution/organization by way of award or membership of their constituted body/committee other than sl. No. 6 above.
  9. Performance in growth/ improvement of any of the field of pharmacy and shown creditable leadership in the chosen field.
  10. Involvement and outstanding achievements in professional development in the national/international arena. 
  11. Notable achievements in any other field or profession excluding pharmacy for which the nominee is nominated for the award including social welfare activities with Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations.



The Council of Indian Pharmaceutical Association, Bengal Branch has been stimulating the progress of the profession of pharmacy for a longtime. It does so by promoting those who make the greater contribution to the advance of profession.


The Past Receipient of Acharya P.C. Ray Memorial Gold Medal:

1. Sri K. K. Acharya                              1962
2. Dr. P. K. Sanyal                                1963
3. Prof. M. L. Schroff                             1964
4. Dr. D. Chakraborty                            1965
5. Sri  S. N. Banerjee                            1966
6. Dr. U. P. Basu                                   1967
7. Sri B. V. Patel                                   1968
8. Dr. G. B. Ramasarma                        1969
9. Mr. M. K. Rangnekar                          1970
10. Sri  A. V. Modi                                   1971
11. Sri K. C. Chatterjee                            1972
12. Dr. C. P. Srivastaba                            1973
13. Dr. J. N. Banerjee                               1974
14. Sri Amar Das                                      1975
15. Dr. B. Mukherjee                                 1976
16. Dr. S. Rohatgi                                     1977
17. Mr. V. Subba Rao                                1978
18. Mr. K. N. Shanbhogue                         1979
19. Dr. B. Miglani                                     1980
20. Prof. D. K. Roy                                   1981
21. Prof. Harkishan Singh                         1982
22. Dr. (Mrs.)M. R. Baichawal                   1983
23. Dr. B.K. Moza                                    1984
24. Dr. Pravinder Singh                            1985
25. Sri H. N. Duttagupta                           1986
26. Dr. D. K. Santra                                 1987
27. Mr. B. N. Dey                                     1988
28. Prof. S. K. Kulkarni                             1989
29. Mr. R. s. Thakur                                  1990
30. Prof. B. K. Gupta                                1991
31. Dr.  Bakul Bhaduri                              1992
32. Sri Ramanbhai B. Patel                       1993
33. Sri S. R. Majumber                             1998
34. Dr. Sujan Chakraborty                        1999
35. Mr. Amit Kumar Sen                           2000
36. Mr. P. Gupta                                      2001
37. Mr. P. D. Sheth                                  2002
38. Prof. A. K. Bandyopadhya                   2003
39. Dr. R. S. Baichwal                              2005
40. Prof. C. K. KOkate                              2006
41. Dr. B. P. Saha                                    2007
42. Dr. C. Gopal Krishnamurthy                 2008
43. Mr. S. N. Desai                                   2009
44. Mr. Lokenath Pramanik                        2010
45. Dr. D. B. A. Narayan                            2011
46. Dr. N. Udupa                                       2012
47. Dr. Rakesh umar Sharma                     2013
48. Mr. pankaj R. patel                              2014
49.  Dr. H. P. Tipnis                                   2015
50. Dr. P. M. Naik                           2016
51. Dr. Ramesh Panchagnula                      2017


  1. Runners-up in IPA-DP NEC (Award is given by Education division of IPA)                                            
  2. State Champion in IPA-DP NEC (Award is given by Education division of IPA)                        
  3. Best maintained pharmacy award                            
  4. Best maintained drug store award                            
  5. Oldest Pharmacist in service award                          
  6. Emami Award (Securing highest percentile in GPAT Examination from West Bengal)                                
  7. M.N.Deb Memorial Award (Securing highest marks  in D. Pharm final examination from West Bengal)  
  8. Dr. Atasi Banerjee Memorial Gold Medal (Securing highest marks in B. Pharm. from Jadavpur University)                                                           
  9. M.N.Deb Memorial Award (Securing highest marks in B.Pharm final examination from West Bengal)
  10. Pharma Achievement Award (Dr. Bakul Bhaduri Memorial Award)
  11. Award to Immediate past Chairman of NPW
  12. Acharya  P.C. Ray Memorial Gold Medal Award


Guidelines  for selection of Pharma Achievement Awardee (on click it should appear)

  • Not more than two awardee in each year will be selected.
  • The nominee should preferably be from pharmacy profession
  • The nominee  form  member of IPA, Bengal Branch will get special preference
  • The nominee must be from the State of West Bengal .Member of IPA, Bengal Branch residing/practising outside the state may also apply.
  • The nomination form other associations, individuals residing in the West Bengal State will only be considered
  • The nominee himself/herself may apply for award or any individual may send nomination for other person.
  • Before final selection by the jury , consent from the respective nominee must be obtained.
  • Nomination  shall only be received from the following discipline:
  1. Drug Regulatory
  2. Pharma Industry
  3. Pharma Academics
  4. Hospital Pharmacy
  5. Community Pharmacy
  6. Clinical Pharmacy
  7. Pharma Marketing
  • In case of multiple nomination, evaluation process will include grading system  which are as follows:

a) Academic qualification

b) Experience,

c)    Mmember of professional organisation(period and post held),

d)      Important role & activities carried out for the development of profession, 

e)      Member of any govt. Body/ Statutory body,

f)       Social activities,

g)      Awards & Recognition

  • Member of IPA will get special weight age
    • The age of the nominee should preferably be above 50 yrs.

2000: Mr. Pran Gobindo Pal

2001: Mr. Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya

2002: Md. Abdul hamid

2003: Mr. Bijoy Ratan Sarkar

2005: Mr. Subodh Kumar Chatterjee

2006: Mr. Prabir Kumar panda

2007: Mr. Mahadeb Seth

2008: Mr.Padma Lochan Samanta

2009: Mr. Nani Gopal Talukdar

2010: Mr. Phani bhusan Maji

2011: Mr. Rabindranath Deuti

2012: Mr. Heramba Chandra Chakrabarty

2013: Mr. Ganesh Chandra Tarafdar

2014: Mr. Mani Bhusan Sarkar

2015: Mr. Paresh Chandra Saha

2016: Mr. Ratan kumar Saha

2017: Mr. Nikhil Ranjen Das

Pharma Achievement Award

 (Dr. B. Bhaduri Memorial award)

 This Award is being awarded for their exemplary contribution

to the pharmaceutical profession Awardees


2003: Mr. K. P. Giri, Mr. Ranabir Chakraborty & Mr. Tripti Trivedi

2004: Mr. Pijush Kanti das

2005: Mr. Dipankar Dutta Gupta

2006: Mr. S. N. Mukherjee 7 Mr. Ajit Gupta

2007: Mr. A. R. Bhattacharyya & Mr. Bhogilal p. Mehta

2008: Mr. N. s. Wadhwane & Mr. Pran Gobina pal

2009: Mr. R. N. Mani & Mr. S. Mallick

2010: Mr. Amalesh maity & Mr. Madhusudan Maity

2011: Dr. R. N. Gupta & Mr. Ranjan Nath

2012: Dr. Ashish kumar lahiri & Mr. pradip kumar Chatterjee

2013: Mr. Biren Kumar Lahiri & Dr. Jitendranath Pande

2014: Mr. Sindhu Kumar Ghosh & Mr. Prabir Ranjan  Ghosh

2015: Mr. Biman Saha

2016: Dr. D. P. Ghosh

2017: Mr. L. K. Chadda & Mr. Debi Prosad Chattopadhyay